780Key Beta 2004
We at 780 realize the need for a simple and effective security auditing tool, so we have developed our own. The 780 Turn Key Security Solution is a self contained system hosted by your company, 780, or a third party that allows administrators to identify and fix security concerns all through a web browser. We realize not all people are security experts so we have solved much of the security equation for you. For more information and product literature contact us.

780 Managed Penetration Testing
Managed penetration testing allows you to focus on business while we focus on your security. Whether internal, external, weekly, or yearly we can accommodate you. Our teams, a.k.a. “strike forces”, are dedicated to certain clients so starting with the initial baseline audit they will learn everything about your business, security, and risks. Our award winning software and industry standard techniques will ensure you receive the best testing available.

780 Security Auditing
Full security audits are the only way to ensure complete security from start to finish. From computer systems to accounting processes, 780 can provide a full security audit which includes above industry standard auditing of all technology and processes within your organization. Once 780 audits your company we will provide recommendations in all areas of your business to improve security and efficiency.

780 Secure Hosting
Your business can not be secure without a secure environment. 780 offers secure hosting of servers, applications, databases, and ecommerce sites. We take every step to provide security from the physical layer to the application layer.

780 Physical Security Penetration
Many companies over look obvious and dangerous holes in their physical infrastructure. Physical security is the first step to protecting your business and keeping information and employees safe. 780 goes further than most companies to ensure your security and help protect what matters. This service is offered with 780 Security Auditing or as a stand alone service.

GeoTrust 128 bit SSL Certificates
780 is proud to offer GeoTrust 128 bit SSL Certificates to our customers. Using SSL to secure ecommerce and confidential information is a must in business today. Feel confident information is protected and order today.

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